Protective cover for garden table | Slope 15 cm

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Why a protective cover for a garden table? Important information about the possible materials of garden tables:

    Wood: all wooden table elements should be oiled regularly (teak wood 1-2 times a year, other woods up to 4 times a year). With a breathable garden table hood, you can reduce oiling and the wood stays nice and supple for a long time.


    Stainless steel: easy to care for and extremely weatherproof. However, especially in areas with high salinity in the air, lots of exhaust gases due to heavy traffic and near pools (chlorinated water) can cause rust. A protective garden table prevents these weather influences and ensures a long-lasting shine.


    Iron and steel: If the coating is damaged, the table becomes susceptible to rust. Do not worry, a garden table hood protects in this case and prevents rust formation in these cases.


    Poly rattan: Often and unfortunately marketed as a weatherproof braid and is therefore increasingly popular with consumers, but mostly the braids are not sufficiently UV-stabilized. As a result, the poly rattan weave becomes brittle and cracked over time. A UV-stabilized garden table hood prevents this.

NOTE: In our online shop you will find your breathable garden table hood and all protective covers are very well UV-stabilized.

Our very special recommendation for protecting your garden table top with a garden table hood:

Breathable protective cover garden table made of breathable textile fabric
  •     First-class quality from Heinemeyer
  •     Easy fastening thanks to the sewn-in elastic band in the hem
  •     Optimal protection of the table surface
  •     Protective cover for garden table - color: gray, green, cream, brown
  •     Waterproof
  •     Breathable
  •     Light and handy
  •     Protective cover garden table is washable up to 30 ° C

No matter what material your table is made of, it should be protected with a good garden table cover. Especially since garden furniture stays nice and clean under a protective cover for the garden table, this significantly reduces the maintenance of the garden furniture and noticeably extends the life of your garden furniture. - Protective cover of the best quality garden table

TIP: At least protect the table top from the weather and dirt!