Protective cover garden swing

Here you will find the right protective cover for a swing chair. Every protective cover for a swing is very UV-stabilized and easy to use.
Rocking hood | Standard | green
Hollywood swing protective cover
Standard with very good quality
59,50 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Rocking hood | 2-seater | transparent
Hollywood swing cover
for 2-seater swing approx. 160 x 123 x 160/90 cm
78,90 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Rocking hood | 3-4 seater | transparent
Cover swing swing
for 3-4 seat swings approx. 215 x 123 x 160/90 cm
83,90 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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Hollywood swing invites you to chill:
A cult Hollywood swing just invites you to relax every summer. Just let your mind wander while swinging.
A comfortable seat pad then provides the necessary additional seating comfort.

What is to be observed?

    The back should fold down to get a comfortable lying position.
    The sunroof should be large enough to provide enough shade.
    Pin out space requirements exactly. Do you have space for a 2-seater or 1-seater?
    A good swing frame is essential.
    The fabric of the roof should be removable and should be washable at 30 ° C.
    With the seat cushions, you should pay attention to individual cushions instead of continuous pads, and these should also be washable at 30 ° C.
    Use a good and suitable protective cover for a swing seat.

Protective cover for a swing chair:
The protective cover for a swing chair protects your swing chair from the weather and thus extends its lifespan. The protective cover for the swing chair also ensures that the fabric cover maintains its parallel colors for a long time. If you love your seat swing then you should use a good protective cover for the swing. Here it is also a question of quality, as with everything in life. Regardless of which protective cover you choose from our range, we guarantee the best quality and long-term enjoyment.

With our protective cover, you can easily put your Hollywood swing on or take it off again. Thanks to our protective cover for a swing, you can still enjoy the function and aesthetics of your swing, even after many years.

Score price comparisons with the results from the large products
In the price comparison among the brands with quality, the new product range Klassika - Light Line performs very well. Closely followed by the new product range Klara - Classic Line. The top hood brands under the variety selection are clearly the new product brands such as AkDiva - Teak Safe and the new ProStabilo - PROsista. General information about the covers for Hollywood swings and seats can be found in the shop. You can also quickly find the right accessories for your covers here in the online market for protective covers. As a service for payment, purchase on account is possible and many other payment services are also offered. There is a premium service for fast delivery and no ebay and amazon shops can compete with it. We also offer a free consultation and a free service for the configuration of custom-made and special dimensions as a service. The sleeves on offer are particularly waterproof, winterproof, weatherproof and extra UV stabilized. So durable and offer extremely good protection. All products are 100% recyclable! So you also do something good for the garden and the environment. All cover products are in harmony with garden and leisure as well as nature. Oxford polyethylene fabric cannot keep up.

Your tarpaulin garden furniture team wishes you a lot of fun!