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Relax in summer? TIP: But not without a parasol, please. The larger the area, the better. A good parasol cover is an important piece of equipment and should not be missing.
Parasol cover | without zipper | extra robust
Protective cover for parasol
    without zipper
    Extra robust
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Parasol cover | without zipper | default
Protective hood for parasol
    without zipper
    Standard with very good quality
    Parasol cover green
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Parasol cover | without zipper | breathable | green
Parasol protection cover
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Check list - important features and functions of a good parasol: what should you pay attention to?
A beautiful parasol that provides you with pleasant shade also needs protection from the weather. Therefore, please protect your jewelry with a very good parasol cover.

Important features and functions of a good parasol:

    Particularly stable structures
    Large pipe diameter
    Pocket opening at the top for good air circulation
    Special coating against corrosive metal parts and aluminum parts
    Interchangeable covers
    Machine washable covers
    Possibility of weighting concrete slabs - parasol cover
    Integrated rotating mechanism parasol cover
    Good parasol protection cover

With a good parasol protective cover, you also protect your parasol from unsightly contaminants such as pollen, pollen and other environmental influences.
A good parasol should be more than just a shade. The cover should not only be beautiful, it should also offer a high level of UV protection.
A good parasol cover should also be very UV stabilized. All parasol protective covers available in the online shop are optimally UV-stabilized.

No matter which of the following materials your parasol is made of, a parasol cover should provide protection and thus ensure a long service life:


Your parasol protective cover bought from here guarantees optimal protection. You will find everything from breathable parasol covers to extra robust parasol protective covers in the online shop. The parasol protective cover available here is 100% recyclable.
With a good parasol cover, you can protect wooden material from drying out quickly and the gray film that forms, among other things. the material made of stainless steel (parts) against rust.
We are pleased to be able to present a wide selection of selected products for a suitable parasol protective cover, in conjunction with great service. You will also find the right accessories for your parasol protective cover here. So everything from one source!
Any questions about the parasol cover? We look forward to your inquiry.

Your tarpaulin garden furniture team wishes you a lot of fun!