Beach chair cover

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Beach chair cover | 125 x 90 | breathable | green
• Beach chair hood

• Breathable
177,50 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Beach chair cover | 125 x 90 | breathable | brown
• Beach chair cover

• Breathable
177,50 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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Test result information: What are the properties of a beach chair cover material to be observed? What could properties be for a test winner?
  •     Easy to put on
  •     Breathable: moisture is released through the fabric to prevent condensation and mold / mold protection
  •     Sealed seams
  •     Reinforced edge with hem and eyelets - oxford beach chair cover
  •     Easy cleaning / easy cleaning / washable
  •     Wrinkle-proof when stowed
  •     Tear-resistant material
  •     Robust processing and robust material
  •     Rotting-resistant material
  •     Use the zipper without snagging (with zipper)
  •     No rapid discoloration of the material / fading of the color (with hood with color)
  •     Supple: remains flexible even at cold temperatures and UV radiation and does not break
  •     Optimal fit / good fit
  •     Elastic band / drawstring / zipper to fix: Stable attachment! This means that the hood can withstand strong winds. Coverage is not blown away by wind

The beach chair is a luxury in the garden and here in the online market the beach chair covers are available in 6 trendy colors and top brands. You have the choice between the colors green, gray, silver gray, cream and brown as well as transparent as a fabric film. The new products & brands here in the online market have the properties listed in the test result. The best prices and offers with TOP quality can be found here in the online shop. in all categories.

New: In the range you will only find beach basket covers in top quality, which are suitable for all beach chairs and also for xxl sizes.

All products are equipped with xxL weather resistance! We offer, for example, the following sizes in the range for the following beach chair models, in order to be able to offer a fast shipping service and a favorable price / offer: Always find and order the right cover here in the online shop in all categories.
  •     Pure Comfort XL by Deko Vries
  •     Pacific XL model
  •     Nautic XL model
  •     Baltic XL model
  •     Pure Nautic XL by Deko Vries
  •     The Pacific XXL, Nautic XXL, Baltic XXL and Pure Nautic XXL models from Deko Vries
  •     Comfort XL by Deko Vries

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