Protective covers for garden furniture

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Whenever it comes to protective covers for garden furniture for a seating group, garden table, table tops, chair, beach chair, hanging lampshade, clothing and made-to-measure. Always in the best quality and suitable for all sizes up to xxL. With many payment services, buy safely from the branded product range on account.
Your garden should invite you to relax. Your beautiful garden furniture such as the seating group should remain beautiful for a long time in order to spend many charming moments with you.
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Advice: Order XXL selection of materials and color options for garden furniture protective covers in the online shop:
Online information and test report in a clear and understandable tabular structure about the individual product properties for cover hoods, such as breathable, waterproof and ultra-robust garden furniture protective covers:

Guide - Our insider tip - Information: Perfect protective covers for garden furniture under extreme loads:
For example, particularly popular among animal lovers. This new cover withstands a lot! Even scratching and rough sanding should not have any effect on this protective cover in the normal case. If your set is exposed to harsh conditions and / or you place particular value on the extreme robustness that your protective garden furniture should have, then we recommend our new ProStabilo cover hoods from Heinemeyer. A brand with stability.

Guide: Test - Result: Important information about materials that you can take into account when purchasing covers for garden furniture when choosing a product / brand:
  •     Breathable: Moisture is released through the fabric to prevent condensation and mold / mold protection
  •     Sealed seams - protective covers for garden furniture
  •     Waterproof and winterproof
  •     Reinforced edge with hem and eyelets - protective covers for garden furniture
  •     Easy cleaning / easy cleaning / washable - protective covers for garden furniture
  •     Wrinkle-proof when stowed away - protective covers for garden furniture
  •     Tearproof - protective covers for garden furniture
  •     100% recyclable materials
  •     Robust workmanship and robust material - protective covers for garden furniture
  •     Rotting-resistant - protective covers for garden furniture
  •     Use zipper without snagging (with protective cover for garden furniture with zipper) - protective cover for garden furniture
  •     No rapid discoloration of the protective covers for garden furniture / fading of the color (with protective covers for garden furniture with paint) -
  •     Supple material: The protective covers for garden furniture remain flexible even at cold temperatures and UV radiation and do not break
  •     Optimal fit / good fit - protective covers for garden furniture
  •     Elastic band / drawstring / zipper to fix: Stable attachment - thus the protective covers withstand garden furniture even in strong winds. The cover is not blown away by the wind - protective covers for garden furniture

Discover three main functional requirements for covers for traffic light umbrellas, seating, sets, garden tables, chairs, table tops, parasols and beach chairs:
Without a good protective cover, wooden garden furniture cracks and the wood splits. Your furniture is therefore not properly protected against dirt, rain and snow.

Wood becomes dewy in snow and rotten in the rain and therefore breaks. Dries out in summer due to UV rays. Woods that are less sensitive: teak, meranti or robinia (acacia).

Poly rattan garden furniture is somewhat more resistant to moisture, but unfortunately it is usually not adequately equipped with appropriate UV stabilizers against strong sunlight. This way the lichen breaks quickly or individual lichen breaks.

Metal garden furniture, as screws or other fastenings on your garden furniture will rust in the rain and dew.
  •     Protection against severe weather: weather-resistant or weather-proof against weather influences: for protective covers and garden furniture
  •     Protection against accretion, dust and general dirt from the environment
  •     Protection against rust (on screws and other fastenings)

What does weather resistance mean? - Garden furniture protective covers assortment
  •     Rain repellent / waterproof / rain protection
  •     Preventing sun rays / - UV protection / anti - UV protection / resistant to UV rays: exceptional durability against sunlight
  •     Resistant to hail / anti-HAgel protection
  •     Wind resistance / anti-wind protection
  •     Snow resistance / anti-snow protection
  •     Frost resistant / anti-frost protection

Top xxl tips for using protective covers for garden furniture:
With very convenient and simple tips, you can safely store your garden furniture set under a protective cover. To do this, it is sufficient to observe the following convenient, simple tips with great effect:
  •     Water drainage should take place: At best, prevent waterlogging and do not leave water on the protective covers of garden furniture for a long time. It helps. simply position the folding chairs or another object (such as a flower pot or a folded folding armchair) under the hood so that a slope is created and the rainwater can run off.
  •     Now and then ventilate your garden furniture / garden seating group or parasol to prevent condensation from forming due to the moisture penetrating from below.
  •     Garden furniture cushions belong inside and best in a cushion bag. This prevents mold stains or, in extreme cases, mold. Simply order a suitable cushion bag for your garden furniture upholstery from our online market in the Accessories section.
  •     Occasionally remove the snow load from the protective hood. Simply go over it with a hand brush when there is snow and sweep the snow away.