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Bicycles and e-bikes can be stowed theft-proof and waterproof in our metal bike garages.
You can also get a suitable protective cover here in the online shop.

Bike garage value propositionBike garage value propositionBike garage value proposition

Exclusive bike boxes from Biohort customer information:

The number of stolen bicycles in Germany is more than 300,000 p.a .. Less than 10% of the cases can be cleared up by the police. It is all the more important that bicycles / e-bikes are stowed away so that they are safe from theft. Biohort bicycle garages and bicycle boxes can be securely locked with a cylinder lock. This also extends the life of your bicycles / e-bikes. Furthermore, the attractive appearance and high-quality materials are another reason to buy.

Bicycle box guarantee promise

Rainproof, safe and stable

All of our Biohort bike boxes are rainproof and made of hot-dip galvanized, polyamide stove-enamelled sheet steel. Compared to cheap suppliers, Biohort scores with twice the sheet thickness.

With a clear conscience, we grant a 20-year guarantee against corrosion on our products.

More than just a solution

Solutions for a perfect bicycle garage solution: More than just a solution to stow your bikes.

A mini-sized garage without a permit. Up to two bicycles can be accommodated in the Biohort MiniGarage. The intelligent rail system (optional) makes it easier to adjust the bike: Place the rear wheel on the floor rail, hang the bike handlebar in the extendable upper rail, slide it in, done!

Our HighBoard impresses with its optically simple and high-quality design. You need size 200 so that you can store up to two bicycles.

Our StoreMax is an absolute all-rounder when it comes to storage space. In size 190 you can store up to two bicycles in it. The practical roller shutter system enables quick access without the doors opening wide.

Protect your bicycles, e-bikes or your motorcycle with a premium bicycle garage from the online shop range. The metal bicycle garages offer perfect protection in the outdoor area. Wood is not an option compared to a premium steel product. The bike boxes made of premium steel are waterproof, offer rain protection, lockable and very durable. That's why you get a 20-year guarantee against corrosion. The mini-garage solution is designed for durability in the outdoor garden area. As a bicycle cover, motorcycle garage or second garage, it is always an exclusive eye-catcher in the garden or on a large terrace. Rain, snow or wind and weather cannot harm the garage. The bike box can also be used as a tool shed, multifunctional box or tool shed. The large, waterproof multibox offers plenty of storage space and is available in many colors (anthracite / black, silver, gray, brown, bronze, etc.) and sizes.
As a kind of protective bicycle cover, it is quick and easy to assemble. Do you need an assembly service? If you wish, our assembly service can also do the assembly. Free shipping and Trusted Shop buyer protection included. You will receive premium shipping free of charge if the goods are in stock. Order or buy conveniently and directly in the online market and use our diverse payment options.

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