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Design meets optimal functionality
Exclusive garden furniture - high quality at its best.

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Careful processing and materials of the highest quality - this is what the exclusive garden furniture stands for.

Competence that comes from 40 years of experience. Exclusive metal garden furniture as a waterproof storage solution for the garden.
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Sheet steel quality from the best material for lifelong maintenance-free!

Incidentally, German premium manufacturers such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes also rely on this high-quality sheet steel.

All other metal parts are either made of stainless steel, aluminum or hot-dip galvanized sheet steel with a thick zinc layer of 275 g / m².


The clear advantages of metal vs. Wood

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Storm safety up to 150 km / h!

Perfect product development in the wind tunnel confirmed: 12 out of 12 points:

Weatherproof, stormproof, winterproof, windproof garden furniture

Biohort garden tool sheds withstand a wind speed of 150 km / h (hurricane storm).