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Mouthguard made of fabric - Reusable for women and men order here in the online shop.
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Mouth-nose masks are made of 100% cotton

Due to the high level of contagion with the corona virus, we have decided to provide part of our capacities for the production of fabric masks. Like Chancellor Angela Merkel, we would like to appeal to reason to wear respiratory masks not only in the medical field, but also in the public domain and would like to help ensure that the mask or mouthguard obligation prescribed by the federal government can be implemented. We should all act in a protective manner, especially when it comes to contact with people.

The material of the face mask is 100% cotton. The articles can only be ordered online in the color white (see pictures above). The colors blue and black are sold out.
The mouth-nose masks are produced in two variations or models for our customers:

    3 mm elastic cord or elastic band with simple comfort or
    with cotton ribbon to tie.

Multiple use of the breathing masks is possible because the face mask is machine washable and can be washed at up to 90 degrees.

The mouth-nose protection mask must be ordered separately from the other items available here in the shop! I.e. Please do not order any other items in the item order of the mask (single-item order), as this is the only way we can efficiently guarantee the special production and the process.
Three shipping sets are available:

    Offer one / set series: 10 pieces / respirator at 9.90 EUR each
    Offer two / set series: 20 pieces / respirator at 8.90 EUR each
    Offer three / set series: 50 pieces / respirator at 7.90 EUR each

All possible capacities and possibilities are currently being used in Germany to contain the Corona Virus. We make a contribution to this with our services and offers.

The protective mask is produced exclusively in Germany, i.e. we as a manufacturer focus on MADE in GERMANY. Our production factories - where the masks are sewn - are located in Berlin, Jena and Saxony, among others. A picture of the respiratory protection mask can be found in the product description.

The corona crisis has imposed new rules of conduct on how to use covid-19 in our society. The simple and multiple use of our protective masks offer the necessary comfort and are a suitable protective measure against the rapid spread of the corona virus.

"Achieve a lot together."

The mouthguard items offered here are not ffp2 surgical masks and are not from medical technology. The protective mask is still used in the field of medicine (protection in contact with others) and as a pure hygiene article. Doctors and pharmacies buy the product to use another measure against the virus. Also easy to use as dust protection. Also a possible protection when working with food in the economy, buses or fire brigade. The delivery to customers in retail, other shops as well as medical practices and pharmacies is carried out with a separate delivery service. The dispatch or delivery takes place in all countries in Europe. The dispatch takes place with shipping costs. Knowledge about health, recommendation from the virologist and medicine that has been published are provided regularly and free of charge via our newsletter. Available as paper or digital. This article and service is only sold here in the shop and is not available on drosten, amazon & Co. Protective mask for nose and mouth without a nose piece. 100% cotton with easy handling, washable at 90 degrees and reusable and therefore environmentally friendly compared to disposable masks. Instructions are included. Offers protection for the mouth and nose and thus health. Even if there is currently no obligation to use it, it still makes sense and is also a recommendation from experts. It is recommended to use natural cotton. Always pay attention to the quality. The measure of wearing a protective mask is already showing initial success in neighboring European countries. It works quite well in China, and measures like this are showing successes that are urgently needed. If all of these measures recommended by the government are implemented, we as a company can curb the further expansion of the quarantine numbers in a short time.